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Prioritized Lever 1:

Strong School Leadership and Planning

Professional Development for Foundational Essential Action 1.1

Turnaround Leaders' Academy

Turnaround Leaders' Academy is a year-long, three-day academy for Principals and Assistant Principals that will develop leaders' turnaround competencies. Through learning strategies and protocols for leading school turnaround, participants will develop the Turnaround Leader Competencies of Monitoring & Directiveness, Planning Ahead, Analytical/Conceptual Thinking, Team Leadership and Developing Others. This will help prepare our next generation of principals and district leaders to improve student outcomes.

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Transformational Leadership Academy 

Transformational Leadership Academy is a year-long academy for Principals and Assistant Principals that will develop leaders and transform schools.  Through learning strategies and protocols, participants will develop practical, action-focused planning for diagnosing school needs and implementing structures, systems and practices that accelerate student achievement.  This will help prepare our next generation of principals and district leaders to improve student outcomes.  Campus leaders are placed into Networks of Excellence that are strategically grouped based off of prior year campus performance.  Leaders of campuses needing turnaround are placed with principals of high-performing campuses.

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Multiple Measures of Data

Multiple Measures of Data is a district-level training that provides on-site coaching and implementation support for campuses and districts.  Participants will understand how data sets intersect in the areas of demographics, perceptions, student learning and school processes to provide a more vivid picture, leading to a more comprehensive root cause analysis and problem statements that lead to effective action.  Participants also learn how to use, and receive coaching in, protocols to make data-driven decisions for an entire school system.


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Coaching School Leaders – Leading for Instructional Effectiveness

Coaching for School Leaders is designed to support both the principal and principal manager as they coach teachers to refine and enhance instructional practices.  The model of support includes 2 days of face to face professional development implementation planning and 3-5 days of one to one coaching.  Leaders strengthen their instructional leadership through a shared vision of high-quality instruction, develop expertise in classroom observation and practice face to face feedback.  As astute observers of effective classroom instruction, instructional leaders refine their skills on five dimensions of learning and provide effective feedback to classroom teachers.  Customized tools to support campus leaders include the five dimensions of learning tool, core-content checklist, feedback script exemplars, sentence stems for leaders, and teacher tracker tools.  This systemic approach ensures that each lesson is objective driven, rigorous and aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines.

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Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)

Vetted Improvement Program

Texas Instructional Leadership is a program that consists of a suite of trainings intended to foster continuous improvement by helping campus and district administrators grow concrete instructional leadership skills in the areas of observation and feedback, student culture, and data driven instruction.  The TIL trainings listed below are aligned with many of the best practices described in the ESF:

Action Coaching (Observation & Feedback)

Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) is designed to strengthen a leader’s skill in coaching school principals as they develop others (teachers) through the See it, Name It, Do It model of practiced-based professional development. Effective instructional leaders observe classroom instruction and successfully identify high-leverage precise action steps that impact teacher growth. Developing teacher expertise through incremental changes in teacher practice has a
tremendous impact on student growth and achievement.

Action Coaching (Observation & Feedback) addresses key elements that target powerful techniques that make teaching more effective and the principles of coaching/feedback that transforms teacher practices and enhance student performance:

  • Develop Essential Routines and Procedures

  • Roll out and Monitor Routines

  • Engage every Student

  • Set Routines for Discourse

  • Write Effective Lesson Plans

  • Give Students Opportunities for Independent Practice

  • Respond to Student Learning Needs

  • Facilitate Student Discourse

Registration information:

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Data-Driven Instruction

Data-Driven Instruction is a highly effective, research-based training that guides teachers and administrators to spend less time teaching their students what they already know and more time on what their students need. It also answers the questions, “How do I know if my students are learning? And if they aren’t, what do I do? Based on the protocol developed by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo and described in his books Driven by Data 2.0 and Leverage Leadership 2.0, TIL DDI advocates for a deeper analysis of student work.


Registration information:

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School-wide Culture Routines

Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) builds skills to successfully design, plan, and practice essential school-wide culture routines through the See it, Name It, Do It model of practiced-based professional development. In high-performing schools, the vision, mission, values and goals are explicitly evidenced in student expectations and management systems.
School leaders and teachers intentionally plan and design these into school-wide and classroom routines.


Registration information:

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Lesson Alignment (LA)

The Lesson Alignment (LA) module ensures that teachers develop highly-aligned rigorous lessons designed for student mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. It promotes a common vision, develops expertise and practice for educational leaders to create and monitor effective daily objective-driven lessons that lead to strong execution of initial classroom instruction. Lesson Alignment addresses critical components of well-designed lesson

alignments that include:

  • Crafting Lesson Objectives

  • Developing Objectives & Exit Tickets

  • Creating Exemplar Responses & Success Criteria

  • Monitoring for Lesson Alignment


Registration information:

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Formative Assessment

The Formative Assessment module trains leaders and leadership teams how to guide teachers to craft rigorous

and aligned daily and weekly assessments that will support analysis of student mastery and gaps. It includes how to coach teachers to master the skills of assessment writing and analysis to ensure continuous improvement in designing formative assessments. The Formative Assessment module addresses critical components of well designed assessments that include:

  • Practicing Aggressive Monitoring & Show Call

  • Responding to Formative Assessment through Reteach

  • Coaching Formative Assessment


Registration information:

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