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Prioritized Lever 4:

High-Quality Curriculum

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Professional Development for Foundational Essential Action 4.1


Planning for Mastery

Effective teachers plan with the end in mind.  They examine the big picture and clearly identify what students need to know and be able to do and intentionally focus on outcomes that demonstrate proficiency.  The TRS Planning for Mastery sessions provide an opportunity for educators to collaboratively plan each six weeks of instruction using the TEKS Resource System.  Teachers engage in a half day of face-to-face professional development followed by a half day of implementation support each six weeks.  Participants leave with a completed six weeks planning document aligned to local resources and share best practices for instructional delivery.  The TEKS Resource System (TRS) “Planning for Mastery” is a series of face to face professional development and implementation support for districts and charter systems that use the TEKS Resource System to plan strong learning progressions per unit of instruction.


Registration information:

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