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Prioritized Lever 2:

Effective, Well Supported Teachers

Campus leadership retains effective, well-supported teachers by strategically recruiting, selecting, assigning, and building the capacity of teachers so that all students have access to high-quality educators.


Foundational Essential Actions describe what the most effective schools do first to support powerful teaching and learning.


Recruit, select, assign, induct, and retain a full staff of highly qualified educators


  • The campus implements ongoing and proactive recruitment strategies that include many sources for high-quality candidates.

  • Clear selection criteria, protocols, hiring and induction processes are in place and align with the school's vision, mission, values, and goals.

  • Campus leaders implement targeted and personalized strategies to support and retain staff, particularly high-performing staff.

  • Teacher placements are strategic based on student need and teacher strengths.

  • Grade-level and content-area teams have strong, supported teacher leaders trained in adult learning facilitation and team dynamics.

  • Preferred substitutes are recruited and retained.

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